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Testimonial from a valued customer


I just wanted to let you know how fantastic my experience with T2 Boats has been, I started my process looking for a lightweight 2 seater boat. I found T2 using an internet search engine.


Almost no one builds a 2 seater and what I did find weighed too much to tow with my current vehicle. When I found T2 and saw how light and sleek the boats were I upgraded to a 4 seater, their new Revel, and still tow it with my Jeep Patriot.


Todd at T2 answered all my questions and went beyond my expectations to help me. The sales experience was phenomenal!


The boat so far has outperformed and outrun anything on the water.


Todd's followup and dedication to a great ownership experience coninues after the sale and I commend and recommend his product at every opportunity.


Sincerely Rob Zabel, thriilled in Ohio

The Revel 

We're a Honda

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This Cobalt Blue Revel is bundled up and ready for Galveston waters.  Pictured below is its maiden voyage with happy new owner.
.....and it's new home.....WOW!
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Port Side Ladder Available