A boat for the

child in all of us.

Designed like no other boat on the water!


                   The Rumble!



The Rumble 

We're a Honda

Consumer Direct Boat Builder!

This is one of my favorite pictures (above). Most of our customers are successful "seasoned citizens" who still remain playful at heart, doing the things together that first attracted them to one another!  Fabulous.  In the Spring of 2017 a gentleman wanted a Rumble for himself and his wife.  However they wanted it to match their other toy, a fire red Porsche.  No problem, see below.  I call this gelcoat "Firewater."
Another gentlemen in Vermont wanted a Black Cherry Rumble.
It's found a perfect home! 

Some other Rumbles......
There is no boat comparable to this....

Luxury Sport Boat Features - 5 Year Engine guarantee!
The Radical and Rumble
Special Order gel coat in authentic Cubbie Blue
Almost anyone can drive these!
 This was not posed....they jumped in.....
Tarkenton and Remi ready to ride!!!

Up to 60 Horses or 2 Dogs !

The Rumble - as seen in Boater's World Magazine

Striking, Stunning, Stylish and a Sleek

Rumble with 50 hp and rumble seat hatch in place

Candy Apple Red

Customized for Ohio State University Alumni

20 hp for restricted lake - 25mph!

Customized to your specific taste
Check out optional steering wheel (UFLEX) dozens to chose from - Sweet!
If that's not cool enough, remove the forward hatch cover and reveal a Rumble Seat!  Great for kids...right where you can see them!

Perfect for families "on the go....

 and on the grow!"

Rumble cover attached makes a sleek look indeed!

Built-in illuminated step for forward cockpit entry and exit

...now that the kids are away...time for Mom and Dad to play!