While walking on the beach one morning I marveled at the natural design of tidal ripples in the sand.
 God's fingerprints if you will, totally unique.  They took on the design of the entity that formed them...waves.
  Waves and tidal ripples are here for a moment then fade away.
  There's a perfect cadence to it all...these comings and goings reflect life itself.
I thought, "What if I could pay tribute to these beautiful designs in the form of a boat?"...
And in that moment, the Rhythm was born! 

Keep checking back on this page as we share with you the "build."


The Rhythm promises to be the most creative and artistic boat yet!

The New Rhythm - Now under construction.

It all started in the fall of 2014 with a "fresh boat." 

This is a Revel model we used as a "plug"

The work below is on the "plug"....the mockup boat from which the mold is formed.  Yeah, it's ugly at this stage,...

so it's a baby eagle!

The deck is notched to accommodate the hardtop Bimini
The Rhythm shares the same performance hull as the Revel...

....but the similarities stop there! Keep watching!

The real work began back home in my garage.  It took hundreds of hours to sculpt the image of tidal sands, using sand of course.  The rendering also reflects the "nauticool" wave-like imagery I design in all T2 Boats. 

I didn't like the first 2 versions which took weeks to design, so I totally trashed each of them...started over.  This will be my last design, I want perfection. I wet shaped the final design then formed an overlay of fiberglass, then sanded, then shaped, then sanded, then shaped...you get the drill.
Here's the finished plug which is used to form the mold.  The plug is no longer used.
Hardtop Bimini in stowed position.  When deployed, a bench seat is revealed. The seatback converts to a sunbed in seconds
The retractable hardtop Bimini design stage is underway with a successfully deployed mockup.  Wood is used to perfect the design and geometries necessary for deployment.
The final support mechanism will be crafted from billet aluminum.

First boat out of the mold (raw state) in "Lemon Peel Flip" gelcoat.
 Bimini is not shown 
Keep watching for more updates on this amazing new design!