America's Premier Small Sport Boats
Welcome to T2, the home of America's Best Small Sport Boats!

T2 boats are the best small power boat made! Every component is top of the line. These sleek 2 and 4 seat boats are made for a quick escape from today's hectic lifestyles. We like to say "Own a boat that doesn't own you!" Our boats are offered with Honda engines backed with a genuine 5 year warranty.  Can boating get any easier and more trouble free than this?  


The unique design is borne from the subtle beauty of a rolling water surface, not the angular and rigid styles on the water today.  


The Genesis, Revel, and Rumble have been physically tested and passed all U.S. Coast Guard flotation tests. All models are thoroughly customizable including custom gel coat, seat colors, and graphics.


*T2 Boats have a protected vessel hull design*

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Make sure the boat you're looking to buy has been physically tested by the USCG and has met their 5 stringent requirements.